Stevenage is a large town of over 80,000 people situated just off the A1.
It has a large business community both in service and manufacturing.
The Gunnelswood road area is the heartland of these companies along with Pin Green. Notable large companies include GSK, MBDA and Astrium.
Stevenage is also the hometown of Phonevalet which offers a collect and return or on site iPhone repair service  for all smartphones and tablets. iPhone screen repair for all models from iphone 5 to 5c to 5s and the iPhone 6 is delivered right to your door. With much of the Stevenage workforce living outside the town, this is an invaluable and timesaving way of having your smartphone or tablet repaired while you work. From Great Ashby to Bragbury End you can count on us to call to your home or workplace and either do iPad repair service on site or collect and return.
We come to you in Stevenage!